StanceWars Las Vegas 2017

April 9th, 2017
By Gordon Lister

StanceWars Las Vegas 2017

This wasn't my first StanceWars experience. We actually attended StanceWars Seattle last July (see here), however this was the first time attended the show as a participant. (Might have spotted the SVT Focus with our banner over in Select 100). 

My StanceWars adventure actually began on the Thursday. But as with all good preparation for a car show I was doing work on the car the night before I left (just basic maintenance thankfully!). So with me not finishing getting the car ready until midnight on the Wednesday my original plan of leaving at 1am went out the window. Instead the adventure began at 5am with a trip to Shell to fill up on V-Power before hitting the road to SoCal.

SoCal? But the shows in Vegas Gordon, why you heading to SoCal? Well because I like to make last minute decisions I had to go via Seibon Carbon in the City of Industry to pick up my bonnet/hood since it wouldn't have arrived in time if I had them ship it to me. So with me full of enthusiasm of getting a new mod for the car I hadnt even thought about the size of said part, while picking it up and putting it into the car I quickly realised that it was a super tight fit even with the rear seats folded flat!  With the bonnet picked up, having made good time from The Bay to LA, it was time to grab some food with some car friends before making the drive through the desert to Las Vegas! 

Now this is where the trip got pretty eventful... Coming up I-15 from LA towards Vegas there was insane dust storms. To the point that at times you couldn't see more than 3ft in front of the car! Unfortunately for me this lead to my front bumper getting pelted with small rocks and now it needs repainted (again)! I finally made it to Boulder Station around 830pm having left Industry around 2pm (that drive is only meant to take 4.5hrs). 

The Friday was a pretty relaxed day after all the hours of travel the day before. There was an official StanceWars Pre-Meet down on Fremont Street but we arrived a little late and couldn't get parked with everyone and by the time we made it over to the area most of the cars had already dipped out :( 

And now finally we had made it to show day! Saturday started with sleeping in (thanks StanceWars for starting late!) and some grub before heading down to the to do a once over and make sure it still looked fairly clean... 
After sitting in the queue to get in for about 90mins I was finally given my pass and shown to my parking spot for the show and then from here you can enjoy all the photos I got from the event. 

Photos: Gordon Lister
Location: Boulder Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV