StanceWars Seattle 2016

July 11th. 2016
By Gordon Lister

It all started in Seattle might well be the motto for StanceWars but for me the journey actually started in Fremont, CA. A super last minute decision to head up to StanceWars meant a long ride up to WA in the back of a Genesis Coupe ( to be precise). 

However once up in WA the fun started, firstly with the Friday night Air Ride Limbo (Won by Team Reckless President RX-8). As Saturday rolled around I found out a friend of a friend needed someone to drive their car into the show as they couldn't be there on time so that meant I got to drive my first Subaru and my first bagged car! 

Once parked up at Bellevue College the fun really started, I was very impressed with the overall feel of the event. Can't get much better than green scenery all around! I guess the biggest compliment for the event is "I will see you in Vegas!"