SpoCom NorCal 2015

August 2nd, 2015

  A trip down 880 to San Jose, brought me to SpoCom Northern California Edition being hosted by Club Auto Sport. Arriving slightly early (1030am) for roll in meant a long wait in the sweltering heat. Once roll in was complete we were ushered over to our spots in the rear car park for the facility. 

  Space between cars was at a premium for those of us that registered for the outside parking, the spacing at times made things a little difficult for those of us with a camera to get a clear shot. Although the lack of space between cars did mean we got to see a lot more cars than at most other shows. 

  The SpoCom first place trophies are among the most well known in the car scene, their hand made "swords", standing at 4ft tall, are definitely the most unique that I have personally come across in the car scene. The awards however, are where one of the sour notes of the day happened, somehow SpoCom had forgotten that Domestic cars exist and as such had no award category for them, kind of strange given that there was several Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet vehicles in attendance. 

  So overall, the show was in a great location, but could have been organised much better from a competitor stand point, as well as laid out better from a spectator stand point. A fun day was still had with friends which is the point of car shows. So on to our coverage from the event, hope you all enjoy our coverage. Feel free to share our pictures but please remember to tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Photos: Gordon Lister
Words: Gordon Lister