Riley's Celica GTS

2002 Toyota Celica GTS w/ Action Package

Riley is someone I have known for a little over 4 years now, I actually knew him before he picked up this Celica. Back when I first met him he owned an automatic Accord, as you can see his tastes changed a little and he got himself into a way more fun car! When he picked this car up it needed a good amount of TLC and Riley has put in the time and money to get it to where it is today. 

What first got you into modifying cars?
I grew up with my Dad building an old AMX from the ground up into an amazing show car. going to car shows with him, learning about other cars and learning to appreciate the time and effort put into building them. 

How long have you owned this Celica so far?
It's around 4 years now. 

What made you choose the Celica over other cars?
I was looking for a FWD daily driver, but wanted that looked and handled better than your typical FWD car. I had always loved the 7th Gen Celica as a kid so I decided that was going to be it. 

What has been your inspiration for this build? 
It's definitely been my wife and son, because of this car I get to share the same bonding experiences I had with my Dad, with my own son. 

What has been the most fun part of this build?
Meeting and making all the new friends while modifying the car, and making the custom carbon fibre pieces that I have in my interior. It was great learning something new and challenging, while also making something that only my car would have.

What has been the worst part of this build? 
The 03+ interior swap, after taking the whole interior out and swapping it with the newer interior pieces I ended up forgetting to plug in the tachometer harness and had to pull the dash back out to fix it. 

What is your favorite modification that you have done to the car?
My TRD steering wheel that came off a JDM Supra, it was actually the first part my wife ever bought me, and it's a rare part to have on my car so it really means a lot to me. 

Do you have any more plans for the car?
I'm planning on doing a widebody with some custom body panels, and a complete repaint of the car in about a year. Some other goodies too, but you'll just have to wait and see!

Do you have anyone you would like to thank? 
I would definitly like to thank Richard, Michael and everyone else at VL Motorsports (GL: We love those guys too!) for all the wrench turning and helping hands with anything that I've needed help with. They have helped make it possible to have my car the way it looks today. It's taken some long nights at the shop and they have always been there to help whenever possible and have made me part of their little shop family. Thanks guys! 
Of course my wife, she has put up with all my spending on car parts over the years. Thanks honey!


Photos: Gordon Lister
Location: Sunol Wilderness Park, CA

Modification List

03+ Black interior swap
LEDMOD custom Tachometer gauge w/Red LED and Chrome trim rings
Chrome trim vent rings
Black leather rear seats
JDM Celica door sills
JDM TRD Supra steering wheel reupholstered by Redline Goods
Matrix XRS Shift Knob
Carbon Fibre Centre Console Arm Rest
Carbon Fibre A-Pillars
Carbon Fibre Door Inserts
Carbon Fibre Door Arm Rests
Carbon Fibre Dome Light Surround
Carbon Fibre Headliner
Carbon Fibre Hatch Cover
Carbon Fibre Glovebox
Carbon Fibre Knee Panel
Corbeau RRS Seats with Corbeau seat brackets
Reupholstered leather shift boot w/ silver stitching
Reupholstered leather sunvisors w/ silver stitching

Carbon Fibre Veilside Hood
JDM Tinted Fuel Door Lid w/ TRD Gas Cap
Carbon Fibre Rear License Plate Surround
TYC Red Housing Taillights
03+ OEM HID Headlights
JDM Sidemarkers
TRD Foglights
06-07 STi Front lip modified to fit TRD Bumper

Engine and Suspension
DC Sports Headers
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
Tein SS-P Coilovers
Short Shifter
Polished Megan Racing Strut Tower Bar
Polished TRD Oil Cap
Polished Valve Cover
Polished Intake Manifold (Runners)
Chrome AEM Cold Air Intake
Magnaflow Axle Back Exhaust
H&R 15mm Spacers w/ Extended Studs
Work VS-XX 18x10 +38 (+23 after spacers)