Jerimy's Gen Coupe

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track Edition

“The Dark Knight”

Jerimy's GenCoupe is a car I have been wanting to shoot for a while, even before it evolved into what you see before you. Back then he was still static with a set of copper Velgan wheels, it certainly stood out in the crowd, but now he has taken his build to another level!

What first got you into modifying cars?
Growing up around the classic car scene and my Dad taking me to car shows drove me to want to build up any car worth doing. 

How long have you owned your Genesis?
Since November 2014

What made you choose the Genesis over other cars?
I owned a Hyundai Veloster and a Kia Rio before that. I wanted to keep going the KDM route. After being a part of a KDM group with the Genesis Coupes, I decided to look for a decent one at a decent price and well I found this little bad boy!

What has been the inspiration behind this build?
Just wanted to prove I could do this on my own. I have had help with headers from Kodi Nelson and Arnold Kang, Arnold also helped with the Air-ride setup but other than that every wrench has been turned by myself. This car was built for me!

What has been the most fun part of this build? 
The most fun was picking up the Work Wheels, felt great to get something "legit". 

What has been the worst part of this build so far?
Air-ride... It took almost 20hrs because of the way it was mounted. 

Whats your favorite modification you have done to the car?
The entire exhaust system, from headers on back! The noise gets you noticed. 

Do you have any more plans for the car?
Tons, but they are all on a need to know basis ;-)

Do you have anyone you want to thank?
Corey Bush for motivating me to step my game up. Slambros family for wanting me to be on the team. Arnold Kang for putting up with my BS throughout the build, you're always there for me thank you bud! Damien Grant for answering any questions I may have had ever that drove him crazy. Without you half of this build wouldn't be where it is! Chad "DSK" Hawkins for all my lighting, you are my boo forever (lol)! Greg Bauchat for all the parts you have found for me, Dude you are the man! Mike "Mr Import Shark" Carducci for putting up with my constant "oh hey how much for....". Gordon Lister for always saying "When are we gonna shoot your car?" (GL: The answer was too early on a damn Sunday evidently :P) and anyone else who has assisted in me finding parts or helping with installs. 

Photos: Gordon Lister
Location: Alameda, CA

Modification List:

- Exterior
Diode Dynamics HID 8k Low/Hi/Fog Lamps
Diode Dynamics Switch Back Front Turn Signals
Diode Dynamics Amber LED Marker Lights
M&S 3 Piece Lip
Grimm Speed Front License Plate Relocator
Sequence Spec-RS Side Skirts
Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler
Custom Modified Black Edition Tail Lights
Diode Dynamics Turn to Tail Kit with stage 2 white led back up kit
Down South Kustoms License Plate LED boards
Blacked Out Genesis Coupe and 380 GT Badges
Black Genesis coupe Wing Badges
Ark Legato Rear Bumper

Diode Dynamics Green Stage 2 LED Map Lights
Diode Dynamics White Stage 2 LED Vanity Lights
Diode Dynamics Green LED Footwell Lighting
PBM Green adjustable Shift Knob
Custom Genesis Coupe logo seat belt plates

-Engine Bay
R2C Ram Air Intake
NRG Dress Up Kit

Ark Down and Test Pipes
Stillen Cat Back Exhaust

Airtekk AirBag
Accuair Switchspeed air management
Viaair dual 400C Compressors/w 5 gallon tank

-Wheels and Tires
Work Emotion CR Ultimate “Kiwami 19 x 9.5 +15/19 x 11 +13
Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position 235/35R19   275/35R19