Jeff Woo's Focus RS

Jeff Woo’s 2017 Ford Focus RS

March 21st, 2019
Photos: Gordon Lister
Words: Gordon Lister


It all started when…

On the first day of ownership Jeff pulled the brand new car into the garage and installed the Air Ride system from Air Lift Performance and the custom RS style hatch spoiler.

Since that first day of ownership a lot has changed for the better, but it hasn’t been without the bad moments as well…

Jeff did blow the engine but the upside of that is that he was able to build the bottom end to handle all the boost he wants to throw at it. Now this engine isn’t only boosted, it also hides a ZEX Nitrous system with Water/Methanol too!

So this looker certainly packs a punch as well and in our opinion that is exactly what you want in a show car!!!