Jacob Perry's Nissan 240SX

January 30th, 2017
By Micheal Turner

1995 Nissan 240SX


I have been watching the progress of Jacob and Annika's car for the last couple years and when I saw the new look for 2017 I knew I had to get it in front of my lens. The car did a complete 180 from last year and as you can see, it paid off.

What first got you into modifying cars?
Hot Wheels and Video Games.

How long have you owned your 240SX?
3.5 years

What made you choose the 240SX over other cars?
My first car was a white 1995 240SX. The car got totaled so when this one came up for sale, I wanted to relive my past.

What has been the inspiration behind this build?
I wanted to build a car that could do everything from drag race, drift, auto-x, daily drive and participate in car shows.

What has been the most fun part of this build? 
Doing all the work ourselves and being able to enjoy the car.

What has been the worst part of this build so far?
Half of the car was stolen at one point so all those missing parts needed to be replaced. 

Whats your favorite modification you have done to the car?
The custom Speedhut gauges and cluster.

Do you have any more plans for the car?
Eventually I want to add a Magnuson supercharger and some more suspension upgrades.

Do you have anyone you want to thank?
ICT Billet, Zestino, Tyres USA, FN1, and World-Wide LS Owners.




Photos: Micheal Turner
Location: Wichita, KS

Modification List:

- Exterior
Tube Front Chassis
Drift Armor Rear Bash Bar
Rocket Bunny Front Bumper
Rocket Bunny Front Fenders
Vertex Side Skirts
Vertex Rear Bumper
Origin Type-2 Over Fenders
Dmax Hood
Dmax Rear Spoiler
Custom Aero Splitters

- Interior
Speedhut Custom Gauges
Sparco Seats
NRG Harnesses
NRG 50th Anniversary Hub
NRG Quick Release
NRG Racing Wheel

- Engine and Transmission
6.0L LS Swap bored .040 over
Hooker Motor Mounts
Comp Valve Train
Hydraulic LS7 Lifters
Chromoly Pushrods
Trunnion Kit
SS Flat Top Pistons
Ported Cathedral Heads
102mm Throttle Body
102mm Sheet Metal Intake
Holley HP EFI
T56 Manual Transmission from a GTO
B&M Short Shifter
1-piece Driveshaft
Welded Differential

- Suspension
ISR Rear Control Arms
Godspeed Lower Front Control Arms
Power by Maxx Coilovers
Nismo Power Brace
Nismo Upper Rear Strut Brace
Tanable Sway Bars

- Wheels and Tires
Work VSK  18 x 10.5 +0/18 x 11.5 +0