Dodge Pick Up

What better place to use as a backdrop than a historical train station in the middle of downtown? That is where we decided to go shoot Kristin and Joshua Coulter's 1979 Dodge D50.

What first got you into modifying vehicles?
Living in the country, lowered vehicles were frowned upon. I did it to be different.

 How long have you owned your truck so far?  
We’ve owned the truck for 4 years. It’s been built for 2 years.

 What made you choose the D50 over other trucks?  
It was paid for and we didn’t have room for anything else.

 What has been your inspiration behind this build?  
Probably growing up into the lowered truck scene. I knew people that had them and I wanted one for myself.

 What has been the most fun part of this build?  
Finally fulfilling a dream. The achievement of having something on air.

 What has been the worst part of this build so far? 
It has to be the lack of aftermarket parts. Everything has to be custom built and it takes time.

 What is your favorite modification you have done to the truck?   
I would say the fabrication of the custom back half rear suspension setup.

 Do you have any more plans for the car?   
The goal was to keep the truck's look as close to factory as possible with still making it "custom". We plan to do a full frame-off rebuild. The plans include paint, wheels, and a few subtle body modifications.

 Do you have anyone you would to thank? 
 First and foremost, my wife Kristin for letting me use her truck and for sharing the passion and the dream with me, Kyle Rowl for the amazing fabrication and all the help to build my dream for me, and Justin Phenegar for the help with the audio and designing and building the speaker box. Last but not least, thanks to all the rest of our family and friends for all the constant support of our hobby and passion.

100% Original

 Original 5-speed

Pacesetter long tube header

Gauge Magazine airbags
Gauges Magazine 8-gallon air tank
Dual Viair 444C compressors
 OEM Mazda B2000 shocks
Custom back half with 3-link setup.
 Modified factory front control arms

100% Original

 Factory 14” wheels


Original interior
Custom upholstered seats

Sony head unit with Power Acoustic speakers


Photos: Micheal Turner
Location: Wichita, Kansas