Brad's EM Civic

December 9th, 2015

We chose to shoot in the abandoned mills of Lewiston, Maine. The ragged, deteriorating buildings providing an excellent contrast to Brad's immaculate Honda.

What first got you into modifying cars?
I first got into the car scene when I got my own car but like most others, I would read the car magazines (PAS mag, Honda Tuning, Super Street etc)

How long have you owned your Civic so far?
Its now 10 years in my possession.  

What made you choose this Civic over other cars?
I just loved the body style, the fact that the 7th gen isn't as popular as other generations just added to it. 

What has been your inspiration behind this build? 
To build the car for myself. 

What has been the most fun part of the build so far?
Everything to this point has been enjoyable.  

What has been the least enjoyable part?
The time waiting for parts to come up for sale or saving for that next mod. 

What is your favourite modification that you have done?
2005 Front and rear end swaps,but I can't deny the K-Swap has been brilliant.      

Do you have any more plans for the car?
Absolutely, there is still so much more to come. Hoping to have a new look for 2016!

Do you have anyone you would to thank?
"The Boys" - my car family, each and everyone of you helped so much I appreciate it. I don't know what I would have done without the help. 
Thanks to my wonderful wife for all the support, wanted or not... Loved or hated she has put up with my "the car has come this far, more to come"
Pop thanks for all the help and support. Those times when I wanted to give up but you had that "old timer" advice and helped me get through it.

2005 Front & Rear end conversion
Black housing headlights
Yellow fogs
EX front grill
JDM Stanley RSX Side Markers
Optional OEM Side Skirts
Rear Window Visor (modified to fit coupe)

K20A3 engine swap
ACL Race rod bearings
Hasting Piston rings
ARP Head Studs
K20A2 Oil pump and oil pan
K20A2 Water pump
K20A2 Valve and Valve springs
K20A2 Intake Manifold
K20A2 Throttle Body
P2P Plenum Spacer
P2P Throttle Body Spacer
THM Carbon Fiber Power Chamber Intake
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Chase Bays Wiring Harness
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
JHT 4-1 Shorty Header
High Flow Catalytic Converter
2.5" K-Teller Exhaust for RSX modified to fit
Vibrant Racing Stealth Muffler

Wheels & Suspension
RSX Raceland coilovers (shaved rear bushings to fit)
Progress Front & Rear sway bars
Nuespeed Strut Tower Bar
RSX 5 Lug conversion
Rear disk brake conversion
JNC 010 17x8 ET35
Honda CRV Centre caps

NRG Short hub and Carbon Fiber Quick Release
Avenue Graphic Steering Wheel
2004 EP3 Seats
Custom retrimmed Plaid Headliner, Door Cards, Arm rest and shift boot

Pioneer 6000dvd with iPod interface
Polk Audio components in doors and 6x9's in the rear
Kicker kx400.2 Amplifier
2x JL Audio 12w3v2 Subwoofers
21" TV mounted in trunk for movies

Photos: Aaron Perry
Location: Lewiston, Maine