034 Motorsports WinterFest 2018

January 29th, 2018

That's right its 2018 already, it may only be January but here in California the car shows/events have already begun! The first event of the year was 034 Motorsports open house/WinterFest car show. Sure entry was limited to 30 cars but there was plenty parking for enthusiasts to show off their ride too. 

I'm sure the weather aided in the fairly sizable turn out, or maybe it was the free homemade chili? Either way it was a beautiful day in Fremont for a car show. 

A couple of cars caught my eye at the event, first was a fully rally graphics Audi Quattro and second was a Volkswagen Tiguan. A Tiguan? Yes, a Tiguan. But this wasnt just an ordinary Tiguan, it had just undergone a full Mk5 Golf R32 drivetrain swap (3.2L V6 with DSG and AWD). 

Photos: Gordon Lister
Words: Gordon Lister